Blogging – I am a little terrified to share with an audience of unknown readers (please don’t let there be any creepers reading this).  I find it unfathomable to write for an unknown number of eyes, mindsets and contexts, and to “be myself”.  But I am making the leap – here and now.  I am excited, and nervous and uncomfortable…

I am curious if I will have time for this – and feeling a little bit of panic onset at the thought of trying to take anything else on,  because my child is changing before my very eyes, and I don’t want to miss any more of it than I already have to in an effort to get all that marking done…and that professional development piece happening….and that sink full of dishes washed (psst – my mom just bought me a dishwasher yesterday.  :DDDDD!!!!!!!!!).

I will begin with a focus on Extend – the ecampus virtual learning experience that has prompted me to take the leap into blog-land.  This is good stuff – I can feel it.  I see so much inspiration coming my way, and can’t wait to bring it as a teacher to the classroom.  Already I have ideas about some of the projects I am doing with my students and how they connect directly to this blogging activity!  K, here we go: JUMP!!!


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